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How to Derive Value and Success from Custom Software for Business

derive value and success from custom software for business Jun 27, 2022

Most successful businesses are relying heavily on technology and software to run the business, solve problems and serve their clients effectively.

Replacing or upgrading software can be unpredictable and tricky to navigate for any size business. What is the good news? There are ways to mitigate or eliminate the

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Backup SQL Data from Kubernetes to Google Cloud Storage

Feb 12, 2021

The Problem

We have a large cloud-native application running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) that uses Microsoft SQL Server (mssql) for transactional persistence. SQL Server .bak files are difficult to access for the terminal-averse.  If you have any experience with GKE or Kubernetes, you understand that the GUI doesn’t compare

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Application Security: part 1

May 28, 2019

Early this year, the A-Team challenged us all in regard to application security and what it actually means to be secure on the internet. Going into this topic, we thought it would be rather straightforward and quick to respond with a series of “To-do” topics and “Best

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JavaScript’s Anchor in Business Applications

JavaScript Nov 20, 2018

TL;DR; IE… it’s IE.

JavaScript, specifically most things >ECMAScript 5 (ES5), has a major anchor in the business application development sector.  Here we are, about to complete 2018, and we’re still being denied access to all the great new features.

At the time of writing, Internet Explorer still has nearly

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dotnet (ASPNETCORE) NuGet: warning NU1605

Aug 07, 2018

The Antares team works with clients from a vast array of industries, from public to private entities, ranging from small businesses to large corporate environments. Regardless of the client or project size, one of our consistent priorities is to integrate their current business processes or workflows into a new solution.

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ElasticSearch: Lessons on Migration from MSSQL

Elasticsearch-Logo Jul 12, 2018

This post is a compilation of the (sometimes hard-learned) lessons we experienced while migrating from MSSQL to ElasticSearch in C# using the NEST client.  The intent is to help others recognize potential pitfalls and traps during their migration.

Antares maintains a publicly searchable database of about 100 million

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