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Core Business Applications

The application at the heart of what you do...

Often businesses identify software needs that are core to their business whether it's a solution that’s needed internally or for client use or access. Antares knows what it takes to design and create a quality application that delivers what is core to your business. 

Core business applications are the primary computer-based processes of a company. Once companies identify software needs that are core to their business, that software can be purchased as a standard package or, in some cases, developed as a custom solution. The software can be for internal use or for the client to access products and services.

What are the essential core applications for companies? The answer can include custom proprietary applications, financial accounting, payroll systems, team collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM,) and data management to name a few.

Where can these applications be found? The right software solution may be integration of off-the-shelf packages, line-of-business apps, or custom portals that bring all their systems together. The applications enable employees to work from one web-based location – in the cloud or behind your firewall, and customers are given easy access to information about the products and services and make purchases easily and efficiently.

The level of integration of these business processes is up to the business. A potential  advantage of standard off-the-shelf software packages is the lower cost of implementing and maintaining the systems. But how much will your company have to modify its processes and procedures to accommodate the design of an off-the-shelf package?  

Also, standard applications don’t necessary integrate together well and often aren’t scalable together. The result can be closed or “siloed” data sets, which creates bottlenecks to getting the right information to the right people at the right time. In the end, inefficient or ineffective operational processes lead to poorer client, employee, and consumer experiences.


Want to be a smarter business? We help eliminate inefficient and manual data management processes that easily disrupt or slow operations. Antares knows what it takes to create quality custom applications that deliver on the core processes of your business, from specialized needs to company-wide application integration and management to all-inclusive enterprise-level business solutions.

Core business applications are more important than ever in building a smarter business and harnessing the full power of business applications is essential to the success of a company.

With Antares’ help, we went from using time- consuming manual input methods and four different applications to using a single custom software system that automated several jobs, streamlined our workflow, is admin manageable, and eliminated human error. It has also allowed us to increase our business and provide better service to our customers without adding staff!