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Custom Proprietary Software

The application unlike any other...

Custom Proprietary Software built for userYou may have built your business on a unique, proprietary process that gives you the edge on the competition. As you look to grow and evolve as a business one of the most common software questions for a company is: Do we build a customized software or invest in an “off-the-shelf” solution?

When choosing between buying commercial software and paying someone to develop custom proprietary software applications, many factors come into play. The off-the- shelf commercial software package can be cheaper, easier to download and maintain, and easier to use for people at all levels of a company.

But what if these one-size-fits-all software solutions don’t meet all your needs? Usage licenses rarely allow modifications to commercial software. In these cases, your best option is turning to customized software development. Antares technology specialists will build a collaborative partnership with you, leveraging your business knowledge to design and develop an application perfectly suited to your needs.

Custom proprietary software provides significant advantages:

  • Offers unique, tailored features and functions available only to you and your company
  • Leverages your unique position of a business in the market
  • Easily scalable as your business grows
  • Provides greater efficiency in data management
  • Ensures data security
  • Makes it harder for competitors to imitate your processes and practices

Custom proprietary software under user controll

Once completed, it’s your software. This gives you complete control over your software applications as your business grows, adjusts and evolves. Our in-house proprietary software developers are technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable, scalable, and flexible custom proprietary software for all kinds of businesses.

In other words, building your business on a unique, proprietary process gives you the edge on the competition. Further, developing a completely custom software application has the advantage that you can run your business your way. Your options are unlimited.


"Velocity has simplified our processes and saved us so much time. By tracking all movement of our clients' returnables and recyclables, we can ensure that they are properly cared for, compensations fair, and costs are as low as possible. It's a huge win for us and our customers

- Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Relogistics