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we build custom software for the insurance sector

In recent years, the insurance sector has been adopting technologies to help them more closely identify with the needs of their customers and provide information on demand when processing everything from premiums to claims. Regardless of your size or market share of the business, you have to be thinking of how digital technology will impact your company and improve your processes and customer service.

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve taken our knowledge and experience of software development best practices to work with various insurance companies to help them achieve success through software. We’ve got you covered. Let us get to work for you.




Learn how Antares created a customized software solution that transformed the Louisiana Insurance Pest Control Association by consolidating four primary systems into one to improve functionality, efficiency and business growth.

Customers include:

  • Louisiana Insurance Pest Control Association
  • Amerisafe
  • Audubon Insurance
  • Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund