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Barrett Conrad - President / CEO

Barrett Conrad New CEO

Barrett Conrad earned a degree in Computer Science from Tulane University’s School of Engineering before starting his career in New Orleans in 2002. He used this experience to found his software engineering company in 2008. In the following 15 years, he delivered critical and impactful software tools to local companies and guided the initial stages of multiple successful startups.

Antares and I share a commitment to delivering high-value software solutions.  I am confident our shared enthusiasm will lead to new excellence for our team and customers.

Laura P. Thomas - SVP / Chief Client Officer

Laura has over twenty - five years of experience in sales forecasting, software market and sales analysis, new product and services introduction, and corporate account sales. However, what you really need to know is she's been with Antares from the start. Her passion is to work with clients to understand their business needs and then provide our Antares team with the insight to design and develop the right solution. Laura has worked with all types of clients including government, corporate, small to mid-size businesses and start-ups and entrepreneurs. She knows the industry, she knows our company, and she's ready to get to know you. With Laura as our driving force in sales and marketing management, our clients know they are in good hands.

I enjoy working with our clients to help solve their business challenges & software needs. There's always a new technology to learn about, or a client project we can help with.

What's an interesting fact, that people might not know about you?

I was an extra in Jaws 2. I played a member of the "Amity High School Band" & I got to pet the "shark."

What's your dream vacation?

I'd really like to travel and sight see all the great historic places in Europe - Italy, Greece, France, England, Ireland, Scotland...

What's your favorite fortune cookie saying?

To whom much is given, much is required.

What's your favorite genre of music?

Pop or classic rock. Any "happy music" really.

Cheryl Hambacher - VP / Software Development

Cheryl works with developers as a Project Manager and Senior Business Analyst. She has over twenty-five years of experience in systems analysis, software design and development, project management and business intelligence consulting. She has worked on various client projects from healthcare, major retail, state government and the energy sector.

Learning about different industries and the business problem they face is very exciting and challenging. When you are able to collaborate with clients and develop solutions to solve those business needs, it’s extremely satisfying.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Relaxing and bike riding! I also love using my loppers to trim my trees and bushes. It’s so satisfying and gets my frustrations out.

What's your dream vacation?

Anything relaxing, serene and unplugged.

What’s your favorite genre of music?

Pop. My favorite song is “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.

What’s your favorite saying?

“Always look at the dessert menu. You can get dessert to go.”

Daniel Sauer - Chief Architect

Daniel is a software designer and developer with over 20 years of experience. His primary responsibilities include architecting technical solutions, developing programming specifications, writing software programs, testing, debugging, program installation, documentation, and user interface design. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, he is skilled in working with SQL Server, MS Visual Basic, MS.NET, C#, VB.NET, MS Access, and MS Active Server Pages.

I have always liked the challenge of implementing newer technologies to solve real-world problems. Engaging with clients and using our expertise to help conquer their issues is priceless – especially when they smile.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sprint racing a Lamborghini Huracán is hard to beat.

What's your dream vacation?

A vacation bucket list item for sure is to stay at each Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the world.

What’s an interesting fact, that people might not know about you?

My first public recognition for system design and programming was when I won a National Navy Award in the 1980s. I proved it was possible to create a spectrophotometer using common materials that could be as efficient and precise when compared with certified systems costing tens of thousands of dollars.

My son asks me this all the time and it’s easy to answer: “Why not?”

How many years of experience do you have?

My first paying client was the State of Louisiana in 1995. However, personal experience was much earlier as I tried to figure out how my Dad’s HP-9100A calculator really worked.

What is your education? What certifications do you have?

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) with certifications as an MCP with a focus in SQL Server and Software Development

What is your favorite programming language?

The rules have changed here. Before cross-platform application design was a thing, whatever the native device would recognize and run was a winner. Today, there is a lot of promise around the framework provided by ASP.NET Core and building an array of systems, regardless of their platform. Using this modular framework, I currently like to use C# for system processes and rely on JavaScript to handle all the user interaction components.

Kyle Manuel - Chief Technology Officer

Kyle has 15 years of programming experience and 17 years of general IT support and administration experience. He is well versed in SQL and database, web technologies, and system automation background. Kyle also has 7+ years of management experience, including a lead role in hardware and software project design and development.

I enjoy using technology to help our clients overcome business challenges. I love when they get excited about proposed efficiencies they didn’t think were possible.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy outdoor activities, woodworking and side projects.

What's your dream vacation?

Sufficient time and no agenda. Just travel and see what happens.

What’s your favorite genre of music?

I mostly enjoy rock, grunge and EBM.

Why did you become a software developer?

I would write automation scripts, utilities, and small applications to assist in my former role as a system admin, and I found that I enjoyed software development more.

What certifications do you have?

Certifications: Net+, MCSA, MCSE, MCDST, MCDBA

What is your favorite programming language?