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Mobile Applications

At Antares, we align our software solutions to match the needs of your business, carefully factoring in your requirements, objectives, and budget. In essence, we evaluate the most cost-effective ways to provide a valuable, fully realized application.

Specific use-cases can warrant the need for native mobile apps. Before the building phase, we discuss the goal you aim to achieve with the software and then rule out the possibility of a web app or desktop app.

Typically, the need for a native mobile app arises when the convenience and feature-richness of smartphones are more suitable than web or desktop apps.


  • Interactivity - The ability to interact with all the features of the end-user’s smartphone like the accelerometer, camera, or GPS.
  • Fewer Constraints - Mobile apps aren't limited by a web browser and can be used offline.
  • Intuitive User Experience - Mobile apps run fast and smooth and lend themselves better to gesture control than most mobile browsers or desktop computers.
  • Stickiness - End-users commonly spend 3-4x more time on mobile apps than they would on a web app.
  • Wide Distribution - The AppStore, Google Play, and/or Windows Marketplace are available and enable your app to reach its intended users.

Naturally, there are potential downsides to using a mobile app. The end-user needs to devote time to download the app, allocate memory for the app to live on the device and contend with regular updates or compatibility issues. Therefore, it's imperative to evaluate how the app will be used and how it will complement your business goals. In some cases, it may be necessary to build a mobile app and a web app or a hybrid that functions as both.