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Software Publishers

Antares has been a trusted partner for software publishers for over 30 years helping companies achieve their technical and business objectives when developing and delivering a software product. We understand the importance of building a quality software solution that customers will value and appreciate. Antares offers two options to support your software product development needs. Antares can oversee your entire project and serve as your development team to help you achieve your project goals. We can also provide the right resources such as Project Managers, Software Architects, Developers and QA testers, to augment your team to get your project completed.

Customers Include:

  • Veris Global
  • Global 360
  • Symantec Corporation
  • Equifax/Appro Systems
  • Accu-Tech
  • Examco / BISYS Education Services
  • Advanced Logistics
  • Dockside Software
  • LLC