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Staff Enhancement

One of the biggest challenges in the world of software development is recruitment.

Finding the right candidates, with enough experience and skills at the right price, at the right time, can be extremely costly and time consuming. For this reason, many businesses are now turning to on-demand team augmentation resources to help build their workforce.

Finding the right resources - PROJECT MANAGERS, ARCHITECTS, DEVELOPERS & QA ANALYSTS can be tough; especially when you may need them for a specific project and not as a long-term employee. Antares can augment your staff with qualified and talented people to provide you the help you need for your software projects.

Our team can work onsite or offsite depending on the best fit for you. It’s important to note that while your dedicated Antares resource is working on your specific software development needs, they have the support and backing of our whole Antares team if you have questions or other software needs that may arise.  WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

Staff Enhancement image of several peoplePROJECT MANAGERS

As the primary client contact and leader for the team, our Project Managers are skilled at leading the team and working closely with clients to deliver the desired solution. Our Project Managers’ skills range across the fine arts of communicator, motivator, negotiator, drill sergeant, business consultant and team captain. They play a key position of interfacing between client and development team needs to get the job completed and delivered with high levels of satisfaction.


Software Architects are just that – architects who map out the design and structure of the application to be flexible, scalable and secure to support client needs now and in the future. Antares architects have seven or more years’ experience giving them the technical know-how to architect the right solution using the right approach for your business whether it’s a web-based application, mobile or tablet solution or enterprise application used company wide.


We often view software development as a journey where our developers begin their path working closely with technical architects, who map out the design and foundation for coding standards. Our software developers focus on using and building their skills to deliver solid applications working closing with their Project Manager on the delivery schedule.


A good software application should enhance and improve your business. Our UX (user experience) designers work to make the whole user interaction with the application one that is not only visually appealing but also intuitive for the user. The software should complement, improve or solve a client’s software needs. We have qualified designers who listen to what’s important to you and work closely to deliver a satisfying and easy to use application.


Our Business Analysts want their assessment and requirements process to not only address current client needs, but also draw out needs to help you prepare for the future. By asking the right questions, listening to all stakeholders and documenting the details for development, our business analysts provide the team with as many project variables to help with designing the right solution to fit your business needs.


Quality Assurance testing is the process of seeking out and identifying defects in software applications. Software defects can be introduced into the application at any stage of development. Our commitment to quality is so strong that we believe our Quality Assurance Analysts’ testing is crucial in the software development process. By ensuring a software application meets client requirements we provide you confidence, deliver on our company's reliability as a vendor, reduce warranty support time and costs, and the end result is a quality application for our clients.