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Technology Refresh & Legacy Software Updates

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Computer technology systems have been an integral resource for business for decades. Maybe your older legacy system still meets the needs for which it was originally designed, even though newer and more efficient options are available. But the older the legacy systems are, the more problems they can cause.

As times and business needs change, so does technology and the tools for building and maintaining them. Many companies are finding themselves dealing with the issues caused by an existing legacy system, which keeps the company in a business rut.

Does it allow for growth? Does it permit integration with newer systems? Is the legacy system more vulnerable to security risks?

Outdated Tech and Software

Antares has a long, rich history of collaborating with clients to take the core functionality of their legacy software applications, as well as any associated paper processes, and developing leading-edge software solutions that make your company more ecient and competitive.

The key to updating legacy systems is successful migration of your valuable data sets. A successful data migration includes:

  • Extracting the existing data that might be siloed, splintered, duplicated, or incomplete.
  • Transforming data so it matches the new formats to ensure that the new system understands the data from the legacy system.
  • Cleansing the data to address any quality issues like duplications, incomplete data, and data that is not properly formatted.
  • Validating the data to weed out potential issues before the new system goes live.
  • Loading the data into the new system.

Whether the new solution is cloud-based, mobile-/tablet-focused or traditional database applications, Antares maximizes client investment in architecting the latest solution to migrating older business software into innovative technologies, which is often the key to a company’s continued growth.

We needed our Jail Log Book program rewritten in a more efficient and current technology. Antares’ application has greatly improved our tracking and reporting activities. Additionally, our IT department can now fix issues remotely instead of making regular service calls to the Sheriff’s Department. The application has also enabled us to upgrade all of the old computers in the field.

- I/S Project Manager,  St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office